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5 Days

a Week

Your old appliances are not worthless

Who would have thought your old appliances could actually be worth money. West Michigan Recycling Center sees revenue in your old stove, dishwasher and more. The metal is worth money, money that you get to pad your bank account with.


Trust in our employees to help you get every penny out of your old appliances. For your peace of mind, we are experts at what we do.

Any appliance is generally worth something

- Microwaves

- Hot water heaters

- Outdoor grills

- And much more


Know that we understand how busy you are and we make it easy for you to bring your appliances to us by being open 5 days a week.


You could be sitting on a treasure chest when you have old appliances laying around your home. Allow us to recycle your metal items and pay you for it.

Do you have old appliances to get rid of? Call us now.


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